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Farmhouse Tables and Benches

CWC has introduced a brand-new collection of Contemporary Farm Tables and Benches! Crafted from premium hardwoods, these stunning pieces are meticulously stained and sealed to perfection, boasting exquisite details like chamfered edges and recessed frames.  Sustainability matters to us! That's why all our materials are locally sourced and crafted, reducing shipping and unnecessary packaging to support both the environment and your local craftsmen.

For those seeking something unique, we offer custom sizes and stains tailored to your preferences. Reach out to us for a 1-hour consultation and a free estimate to bring your dream furniture to life!  Ready to elevate your space? Contact us today for pricing and delivery information. Your dream farm-style living is just a message away! 

The centerpiece of this collection is our Dining Room Table, standing at 30" tall and spanning 36" in width, with options for lengths of 8' or 6'. Choose from a variety of stains and custom sizes are available. 

Samantha's Table & Benches.JPG

Accompanied by matching benches, which are not just stylish but also versatile - at 18" tall, 12" wide, and 3' or 4' long. Plus, these benches are thoughtfully designed to be easily tucked under the table, saving you precious space. With 2 benches, our tables can comfortably seat 10 or 8 people, making them perfect for gatherings.


The Buffet Table is equally stunning, mirroring the dining table's height and coming in depths of 12", with lengths of 3' or 4'. 


We also have a chic Side Tables at 18" tall, featuring a 12" square top to complement your space beautifully.

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