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“See Something, Say Something”, Volume 3

Samantha and her husband Kalib bought property in upstate New York with the vision of transforming it into an Airbnb or Vrbo vacation home. Nestled on a large plot of land overlooking the Delaware River, the property features a rustic house, gazebo, and more. After crafting six Modern Adirondack Chairs for their deck, Samantha asked me to create a Modern Farmhouse Table and Benches for their renters to enjoy large family gatherings.

In Volume 3 of the “See Something, Say Something” series, I’ll take you through the creative process that led to the birth of our Collection of Farmhouse Tables and Benches at Custom Wood Creations.

Samantha shared a picture of a farmhouse table she found on a popular furniture website. Together, we designed a piece that included unique features such as square legs, a recessed frame, and chamfered edges. We also needed to determine the appropriate size to fit the space while considering the cost of White Oak, the preferred hardwood. To maximize space, we added two benches that slide comfortably under the table. We also chose a Behr’s Navajo White stain to bring the set to life.

At Custom Wood Creations, the customer’s wants and needs always come first. Unlike many furniture and craft websites, we prioritize quality and open communication throughout the creative process and final product delivery.

Check out our Farmhouse Collection by clicking the link below and let’s get started on your next project.

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