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See Something, Say Something, Volume 2

In Volume 2 of the “See Something, Say Something” series, I'll guide you through the journey from sketch to the finished product of a Landscape Trellis I crafted for Fran.

Over the years, I've created several pieces for Fran, including both a small and large cedar planter for her foyer and front lawn. Fran has a passion for plants, both indoors and outdoors. Inspired by this, her landscaper envisioned a triangular arbor in the shape of a pyramid for growing clematis or wisteria. With a rough sketch and some dimensions in hand, Fran entrusted me with bringing this idea to life.

Working with 1” square pressure-treated lumber as the frame and navigating the three-dimensional design was no small feat. However, through careful planning and engineering ingenuity, I devised a way to attach the cross members, ensuring the trellis had the necessary strength and stability. I completed the project with a dark stain, adding a touch of elegance to the front entrance of her beautiful home.

If you see something or have an idea in mind, go to my website and complete the Quotes & Inquiries Form and let's talk.

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