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Modern Farm Table and Benches

CWC's most recent achievement showcases the culmination of craftsmanship with an exquisitely crafted farm table and accompanying benches. Constructed from the finest quality Red Oak hardwood, this 8-foot long table and its two 6-foot benches exude elegance. The pieces are impeccably adorned with Behr Navajo White stain to highlight their natural beauty.

Designed to accommodate family gatherings at a country vacation rental in Upstate New York, the ensemble offers seating for up to 10 individuals, ensuring everyone's comfort. The table and benches boast recessed frames thoughtfully engineered for enhanced stability, embodying both form and function. Every edge has been meticulously chamfered, infusing a touch of modernity into the timeless design. Moreover, the ingenious design allows the benches to be conveniently stored beneath the table when not in use.

Experience the harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality with CWC's latest masterpiece—a captivating farm table set that enriches any space it graces.

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