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Important Questions to Ask Before Buying Outdoor Furniture

Updated: Jul 1

I am often asked about what kind of wood I use to build my custom made outdoor furniture or type of finish I apply to my Adirondack Chairs and patio tables. Durability and maintenance are always top of mind for me and the informed consumer.

Yesterday, I saw #Adirondack chairs on sale for $99 at a big box store. While the price was attractive for lawn decoration, these plastic chairs crack and fade after only 1 season and not to mention how difficult they are getting in and out of for your guests.

For my outdoor chairs and tables, I use only Douglas fir or red-toned boards. This type of wood has the same quality and durability as a hardwood like teak and structurally holds up much the same. I will use pressure-treated lumber where ground contact is important. PT wood is heavier and must be dried thoroughly and properly before hand or else moisture will be trapped inside. I avoid using soft woods like pine and yellow toned lumber for any outdoor project even though they are less expensive,

All of my joints are “glued and screwed” for the strongest assembly possible. I use #TiteBond III exterior glue combined with #Kreg Pocket Hole Screws for the strongest joints. Pocket hole screws are my favorite go-to hardware for assembly because I can position them out of sight and are rustproof. I never use nails or staples, as wood expands and contracts.

Choosing the right finish, whether it be paint or stain, is also an important decision. I use only the best #Behr exterior paints and stains. Besides the finish, such as satin, semi-gloss, or gloss, exterior oil-based products are critical for years of durability. I give my loyal customers the choice of colors and finish that best suits their decor and personal preferences at the same low price. Why limit yourself to just a few colors?

Another question I am often asked is, "Can I leave your outdoor furniture outside?" Of course you can and for all of the above reasons. However, I always suggest covering them or bringing them inside during the off-season.

So before your next purchase, ask yourself these questions and support a local craftsman who has the consumer’s best interest in mind.

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