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Fire Pit Patio Furniture

Fire Pit Outdoor Furniture
Fire Pit Outdoor Tables and Chiars
Fire Pit Furniture

Now is the time to start planning your outdoor fire pit and patio to enjoy those cool evenings with family and friends. Homeowners have options when it comes to planning their backyard landscape and hardscapes from modern and classic looks to rustic and unique designs. (Click on images to enlarge)

Looking for that modern design that sets you apart? Jillian created a clean sleek look with a Solo Stove and 2 Modern Adirondack Chairs with vertical seat backs to accent her grey patio blocks.

Jan’s design was the most unusual request of all. I created a set of chairs with matching tables and benches using the Shou-sugi-ban technique. This “torched” or “burnt” look brings out the deep wood grains without having to use stains. It’s a natural way of waterproofing and preserving wood while giving you that artful and rustic look.

My friend Dave created a rustic design for his upstate New York backyard with a fieldstone border and pot belly wood-burning stove. More importantly, Dave’s design input helped me create a 2-panel vertical seat back painted black for that modern vs country feel.

Fire Pit Furniture

Lenny wanted his chairs painted red in our modern design with horizontal seat backs with a little extra width for comfort to go with stainless steel, smokeless Solo Stove. He created his own landscape with shrubs, stone, and a little mulch to accent his suburban property.

Fire Pit Log Rack

Tall Fire Pit Log Rack is perfect for holding logs and kindle. Made with pressure-treated lumber and comes in a variety of stains. Shingled roof with galvanized feet for years of service. Made-to-Order and priced at $225. 

Fire Pit Log Rack
Fire Log Bench

Fire Pit Bench and Log Rack are perfect for around the fire pit.  Seats 2-3 people and keeps logs close. Comes in a variety of stains to match your table and chairs. Made-to-Order and priced at $175. 

Fire Log Bench
Patio Cedar Planter

Cedar Patio Planters are made-to-order from raw cedar plank that are environmentally friendly. They are perfect for your fire pit, patio, deck, or front steps.  These planters are made from all-natural raw cedar and with a variety of paints and stains. Planters come in many sizes including 11", 16", and 22" tall. Made-to-Order and prices start at $60.

Small Patio Planter
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